Technical buying clothes to fit the shape and face.

Technical buying clothes to fit the shape and face.

The proposed technique to choose clothes to suit your skin tone, then this will encourage more techniques to choose clothes to suit what shape it. As well known, is that the dress should choose the shape itself is. Choosing clothes Clothing that fits the shape of your own to your face with it will make you look good taste and make you a more confident with it. 

Choosing clothes and face shape.

1. Choose clothing that fits your face.

– Do not choose a round face should wear a shirt collar round the neck or V-neck Caแba open.

– The front edge Should wear V-neck collar or U-shaped neck opening Caแba.

– Choose a page long shirt or collar.


2. Choose a jacket that can solve the weakness of the neck.

– People should choose a short neck collar open. Caแba or decollete

– Great Neck, people should choose a shirt with a collar China neck collar or a narrow but deep ties and scarves.

– People should choose a long neck collar and neck with a scarf wrapped.

3. Choose clothing that promotes Highlights Avoid Cons

– A big bust Should open neck shirts or decollete or loose shirt with broad shoulders.

– A small bust should choose a shirt with open neck line and a long striped shirt.

– A short waist coat should choose high-waisted pleated skirt or compressed peat.

– A narrow hips should select slacks. Pants or pleated top Pleated skirt loose Shirts or jackets loose.

– The big hips should choose a skirt or pants that fit with the curve concave shirt or undershirt must cover the hips. If so, skirts There should be a button A long line or a seam in the middle.

– People should be big skirt waist. But the loose-fitting Pants or pleated top marks. Alternatively, straight leg pants or a skirt or shorts.

– Short people should choose the same color as the shirt or jacket waist.

– The very broad shoulders Try to reduce the stiffness of the shoulder by tough v-neck shirt, dark jacket or shirt that does not show the bones broadly.

– Narrow shoulders to balance visually. The length of the shoulder Using a shirt or a shirt with a collar Capad wide neck.

– Avoid large sleeve shirt with fabric knit together a lump protruding upper arm. Sewing with the shirt it should not be hard. Really long sleeve shirt for girls big arms. The fourth arm was ChicKimono sleeves with wide sleeves, but most do.

– There’s little need Bratislava shape then. Clothes or a suit jacket pocket chest also help. Shirt called Halter Neck shirt or a tie or hang on the neck. Curved lines of the arms from the neck down.Show arms shoulder Draws attention to the chest. It is very good for the small outside it. Or whether to use a scarf. Shawl was

– Too big breasts Select bodice dark And played a shade lighter than the upper, lower clothing.Respectively Fabric should be soft, flowing fabric weight. Do not choose a jacket with the stiff frame view. The neck is better.