Top 10 Best Cricut Machines in 2019

When it comes to crafting, precision cutting, and plotting, Cricut machines will ensure that any job or project is made easy. Cricut machines give you the freedom to create all manner of projects from vinyl decals to paper crafts. Simply connect your Smartphone, tablet or PC to Cricut and you can rest assured that you are off to a very good start.

But since there are several machines available in the market choosing Cricut machine has never been easy. Before buying one, there are some things that you must consider. Check out these top 10 best Cricut maker machines.

Best Cricut Machines

10. Cricut Expression 1

Cricut Expression 1

10 Best Vlogging Cameras (February 2019)

Best camera for youtube graphicVlogging is the new trend on the internet. If you are reading this article, then you are a vlog follower or a vlogger yourself. In any case, we have got some exciting stuff for all of you here. We have brought together a list of top 10 best vlogging cameras that are popular in the market currently. Some of these cameras are used by the most successful vloggers/YouTubers online. All the camera listed here have suitable features to help you continue your vlogging journey successfully.

Well, we all know a fact that when you are attempting vlogging or want to try your hand on one, you do not need to have the best camera that is available in the market. You can easily select the one that suits your budget and the one that you are comfortable using. The success of your vlog largely depends on the content of your vlog. If you are a beginner, you should start with some low priced camera and then you can proceed further.

We’ve also written a detailed article over Best Wireless Security Camera, you can also check that out if you’re looking for Wireless IP Security cameras.

Best Vlogging Cameras 2019 – The Winners!



Canon is a brand that is preferred over other brands when it comes to vlogging cameras. Though no bias for other brands as few vloggers also use brands other than Canon. Coming to Canon Powershot ELPH 330.

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Canon EOS Rebel T5i

Low-Budget Pick – Canon EOS Rebel T5i

Canon EOS Rebel T5i is another digital SLR from Canon. This is a successor of Canon Rebel T3i. This model has all the features of T3i and a few advanced features that improve the performance of the camera.

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On our research for finding the best vlogging cameras in 2018, we were more keen to review the products because we understood the issues a vlogger would face while selecting a camera for themselves. Thus, we have reviewed here top 10 Best Cameras for YouTube along with the top youtube vlogger names who use the particular camera for their vlog.

Best vlogging Camera – Top Models Compared

10. Canon PowerShot ELPH 330 12.1MP Digital Camera with 10x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom with 3-Inch LCD (Black)

Canon PowerShot ELPH 330 12.1MP Digital Camera with 10x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom with 3-Inch LCD (Black) Canon is a brand that is preferred over other brands when it comes to vlogging cameras. Though no bias for other brands as few vloggers also use brands other than Canon. Coming to Canon Powershot ELPH 330, This is lightweight, easy to carry anywhere camera. The design and shape of the product appealed to us as it is very easy to carry this camera in case you want to shoot outdoors or move while shooting.

Also, the features of the camera made us like the Powershot ELPH 330 model a lot more. It has a built-in Wi-Fi technology through CANON IMAGE GATEWAY. You would need to register yourself to the gateway once and then you are ready to transfer images or videos to your social networking site from anywhere. You can upload virtually from anywhere on your iOS or Android device from this camera. You can capture 1080p Full HD video in stereo sound with dedicated movie button and zoom while shooting. There is 12.1 megapixel CMOS sensor, DIGIC 5 processor, 10x optical image stabilized zoom and 24-mm wide angle lens. There is ECO Mode to help you save battery power if required.

Which YouTuber Uses this Camera? – Popular Youtube channels like BFvsGF, CTFxC, and ShayTards uses this camera. It is a budget friendly camera and great to help you set your own vlog easily.

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9. Sony Nex6 – Best Vlogging Camera for Beginners

Sony Nex6Sony Nex6 is a great sturdy camera. It is easy to carry and has a better hold for you to hold it comfortably. We loved the picture quality it can produce. Our team was speechless when we saw such great image results with this budget-friendly camera.

It can record 1080/60p HD video, Raw and Raw + JPEG shooting, Built-in flash with hot shoe, Wi-Fi connectivity, Hybrid contrast and on-sensor phase detect AF, ten frames per second continuous shooting and built-in 2,359,000 dot OLED viewfinder. The images and video quality are at par with any other professional quality camera.

Which YouTuber Uses this Camera? – Trisha Paytas is the most notable YouTuber who uses this camera on their channel. You can find videos from this camera on her main channel or on her vlog channel.

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8. Canon PowerShot S100 12.1 MP Digital Camera with 5x Wide-Angle Optical Image Stabilized Zoom

Canon PowerShot S100 12.1 MP Digital Camera with 5x Wide-Angle Optical Image Stabilized ZoomCanon Powershot S100 may be an old model to use in current times. But this model has served as the basic tool for many vloggers. It is a budget friendly and easy to use camera with excellent functionality and great picture quality.

It has 12.1 effective megapixels, 1/1.73-inch high sensitivity CMOS sensor, DIGIC 5 image processor, Full 1080p HD video recording with stereo sound, 3-inch TFT color LCD with wide viewing angle and 24-mm wide-angle lens with optical image stabilizer.

Being an old model this camera does not have Wi-Fi connectivity or other social media connectivity which is its only drawback. But you can easily share pictures and videos with the help of the connector.

Which YouTuber Uses this Camera?JoeyGraceffa is one of the many vloggers who uses this camera. It is perfect to start with this camera or even to switch from other basic models to this.

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7. Canon PowerShot S120 12.1 MP CMOS Digital Camera with 5x Optical Zoom and 1080p Full-HD Video Wi-Fi Enabled

Canon PowerShot S120 12.1 MP CMOS Digital Camera with 5x Optical Zoom and 1080p Full-HD Video Wi-Fi EnabledCanon PowerShot S120 is a successor model of Canon Powershot S100. All the features are almost same as S100 but there are a few alterations, and the core change that this model has is introducing Wi-Fi connectivity and easy sharing functions with is CANON iMAGE GATEWAY.

It has Wi-Fi technology to help you connect and share videos and images on social networking sites with the support of Canon iMage Gateway. It captures 1080p full HD videos in stereo sound with dedicated movie button. It has 12.1-megapixel high sensitivity 1/1.7-inch CMOS sensor combined with Canon Digic 6 image processor. This will help you shoot with exceptional quality in low-light areas. It has 5x optical zoom and Bright f/1.8 lens.

Which YouTuber Uses this Camera?Zoella is one of the famous vloggers who use this camera. The camera is not just affordable but is also great performing tool to help you get along very well easily.

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6. Canon EOS Rebel T6 Digital SLR Camera

Canon EOS Rebel T6 Digital SLR CameraCanon EOS Rebel T6 is a small yet powerful camera from Canon. It can get you great picture and video quality. The camera is famous for its quality and multi-angle excellent performance. You can quickly take low angle shots and high angle shots from the camera without it affecting the quality of the pictures or videos.

This is one of the best vlogging cameras out there in the market currently. It is an upgrade to the popular EOS T3i & Rebel T5 model from Canon.

Which YouTuber Uses this Camera? – Canon EOS Rebel T5 & T3i are used by many successful vloggers like Connor Franta, ClothesEncounters, and LaurDIY.

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5. Canon EOS 70D – Best Vlogging Camera for Pros!

Canon EOS 70D Digital SLR Camera Full HD 1080p Video + EF-S 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 IS STMCanon EOS 70D is a camera for your varied vlogging moods. It is very easy to get best quality videos and pictures with this small and powerful camera. You can easily use any specific lenses with the product as per your requirement, or you can also buy this camera with other standard lens kits that are available. You will be stunned by the picture and video quality. It has got great focusing strength and smooth focusing to enhance video quality. On reviewing this one factor, our team found so stunning that we did not want it to miss from our list.

Canon EOS 70D has 19 points cross-type AF system, which allows up to 7 fps shooting. It also has 20.2 megapixels APS-C CMOS sensor and DIGIC 5+. The Dual Pixel CMOS AF, which allows fast focus in live view and 3″ articulating touch panel LCD screen with 1,040,000 dots. It also has built-in features like instant sharing and remote control with built-in Wi-Fi and EOS Remote app.

Which YouTuber Uses this Camera? – EOS 70D is used by many vloggers because of its great video quality and its functions that allow you to control video on the live recording. HauteBrilliance and McJuggerNuggets are just a few of the popular vloggers who have mentioned their love for this camera.

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4. Sony NEX-5RK/B 16.1 MP Mirrorless Digital Camera

Sony NEX-5RK-B 16.1 MP Mirrorless Digital CameraSony NEX-5RK/B 16.1 MP is an easy to use and pocket-friendly camera. Why we mentioned term pocket-friendly it is because you can easily keep it in your pocket and would not require carrying a bag always. We liked the picture and video quality from this small camera.

Sony NEX-5RK/B 16.1 MP gives DSLR-quality in about half size and weight.It has fast Hybrid AF includes phase-detection for DSLR-like focus. It has 16 MP APS-C sensor with fast up to 10fps shooting speed. It can quickly complete full HD movie shooting at 60p/24p with full exposure control. It has Wi-Fi sharing and downloadable camera apps.

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3. Canon EOS 5D Mark III – Perfect Vlogging Camera

Canon EOS 5D Mark IIICanon EOS 5D Mark III is a digital SLR camera is superior video quality camera. You would love the video quality captured on this camera. It does an excellent job of capturing stunning still images too. But as we are here looking for the best vlogging cameras this one has got to be on our list.

Canon EOS 5D Mark III has 22MP full frame CMOS sensor and 61-point AF system. It can perform 1080p HD video recording with manual controls and has 3.2 inch LCD screen with 1,040,000 dots. The video quality is by far the best we found in any models. You would be euphoric with this investment for years of its use.

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2. Canon EOS Rebel T5i Digital SLR

Canon EOS Rebel T5 Digital SLR Camera Kit with EF-S 18-55mm IS II LensCanon EOS Rebel T5i is another digital SLR from Canon. This is a successor of Canon Rebel T3i. This model has all the features of T3i and a few advanced features that improve the performance of the camera.

It has 18 MP APS-C CMOS sensor and 5 FPS continuous shooting. It has got 1080 HD and 720 HD shooting capacity. Canon EOS Rebel T5i has Movie Servo AF for continuous focus tracking of moving objects. There is an integrated Speedlite transmitter and multi-shot noise reduction for better detail when shooting with high ISOs.

We liked the professional features of the camera and are satisfied with the precise video and image quality from the camera. This is the most preferred camera of vloggers and one of the best vlogging cameras trusted by most of the YouTubers.

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1. Canon PowerShot G7 X Digital Camera – Wi-Fi Enabled

Canon PowerShot G7 X Digital Camera - Wi-Fi EnabledThe features of an ideal vlogging camera are all fulfilled by this camera. And that is the reason it is on top of our list. We studied all the camera that vloggers use or suggest and have found the one that can be given preference over others. We like the video detailing and swift focus features of Canon PowerShot G7 X. It is light weight and very easy to carry out anywhere you like.

The camera has got 4.2x Optical Zoom and 9-blade iris diaphragm and iris equipped lens. It can Capture stunning 1080p/60p full HD video with up to 60fps. It also has new 1.0-inch, 20.2 MP high-sensitivity CMOS sensor combined with Canon’s powerful DIGIC 6 image processor. On top of all these exciting features, there is an advanced feature that is built-in Wi-Fi and NFC for easy connectivity. The video quality of the camera is impressive.

Which YouTuber Uses this Camera? – Canon Powershot G7 X is used by many popular vloggers including TrickShotting and CutiePieMarzia.

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These were the Top 10 best vlogging cameras, their features and the popular vloggers that have used these cameras for their channels. You can select any of the vlog cameras from the list mentioned above to get started with your vlogging journey. Also, do comment below and let us know which vlogging camera you prefer.

Best Vlogging Camera Buyer’s Guide – Dummies Guide

Vlogging has been exploded over the past few years and if we follow the trend correctly it only feels like the beginning. Experts are already suggesting that vlogging on platforms like YouTube has already taken over the key demographics of younger audience which previously used to watch television. This just proves one thing; Vlogging is here to stay and there is so much growth potential here. If you’re considering to start your vlogging journey then this is the best time to get started,

But, before getting started you need to understand about the tools and equipments that are needed to take full advantage of vlogging. Of course, you can start with your smartphone or a regular camera, but if you’re serious about vlogging then we’d suggest you invest some money into proper equipment now as it will help you getting the attention of your audience faster.

3 Things to Consider While Buying the Best Vlogging Camera

Camera Zoom Functionality

To start off the list, the one functionality you don’t need or it’s not as important as other is your camera’s zoom. Since vlogging is YOU sharing your personal and close up journey. You won’t be needing this functionality much. It important though if you plan to do some outdoor shooting as well. But, if your plan is to share your plan is to just talk with your audience using a camera then you don’t really need camera zoom.

Thus, the important point here is make sure you have plan of what you want to do with your camera. It is important you have that stuff figured out before buying a camera. Also, it might come in handy to look for a couple of additional features even though you don’t require them right now. As the online world is quick changing, you might need to pivot your channel to something else in future and at that time those additional features might come in handy.

Camera Lighting

If you’re thinking of going pro, then it is important to also think about proper lighting. A good camera can only work with if you have proper lighting setup. Don’t depend upon the in-built flash of the camera. Almost all the professional vloggers use some sort of additional lights to lighten up their vlogs.

If you plan to shoot your vlogs outside then make sure you get a proper setup that suits those needs. And if you plan to shoot only in the indoors that make sure you have proper lighting setup indoor. Indoors is mostly where you’ll be needing more lighting to get the perfect footage for your vlog.

The picture you see above is an example equipment that you can use along with your camera to shoot better footage. Many popular vloggers using similar sort of ring-like lighting to give all around lighting especially to the face and surroundings when shoot up-close.

Sensor Size

Another key element to think of while purchasing your new vlogging camera. It is important that you get a camera with larger sensor size. The larger the sensor size, the better lighting it will be able to capture. Thus, this gets really important that you choose a camera with bigger sensor size.

If you don’t want to get into all the technical stuff then just make sure you get a DSLR type camera and you should be fine. Camcorder type cameras have the smallest sensor size, so footage from those camera won’t be as good comparatively. It is important to keep note of all such details while getting a new camera for YouTube.

That’s all for now. We’ll keep this page updated with new information every month so make sure you bookmark this page and visit later. Also share this page with your friends if you like and support our work. As always a comment is appreciated!

Best Vlogging Cameras 2018 – Suggestions from Popular Vlogger
  • Canon PowerShot G7 X Digital Camera – Wi-Fi Enabled
  • Canon EOS Rebel T5i Digital SLR
  • Canon EOS 5D Mark III – Perfect Vlogging Camera
  • Sony NEX-5RK/B 16.1 MP Mirrorless Digital Camera
  • Canon EOS 70D – Best Vlogging Camera for Pros!
  • Canon EOS Rebel T6 Digital SLR Camera
  • Canon PowerShot S120 12.1 MP CMOS Digital Camera
  • Canon PowerShot S100 12.1 MP Digital Camera
  • Sony Nex6 – Best Vlogging Camera for Beginners
  • Canon PowerShot ELPH 330 12.1MP Digital Camera


Planning to start with your vlogging and clueless about which is the best vlogging camera? We have compared more than 92+ models of vlogging cameras and here are our top recommendations for the best vlogging cameras. Note that these vlogging cameras are reviewed by top notch vloggers and they are pretty good for various vlogging activities. Choose your gear after reading these recommendations!

Top 10 Best Curling Iron (February 2019)

best curling iron to help you get the best curls!

Your search for the best curling iron ends here…We’ve compiled a list of top 10 curling wands and irons to help you with your choice. Wavy, curly hair always works to add glamour to your hair. Whether you are a professional looking for a great curling iron or want something for personal use, Our team has made your curling iron selection tad easier.

10. Bed Head Deep Waver

In search of the best curling iron, the first product that caught our eye was Bed Head Deep Waver. It is an excellent professional curler that would give you best waves for any occasion. This deep waver has protective edges after barrel making it easy to use and travel-friendly. The plate locking switch is another great feature of the product. It delivers great results on a budget. If you are looking for a great product at competitive rates, then Bed Head Deep Waver is a perfect product for you.

With all such great features at such price, the product is undoubtedly bestseller today on many platforms. Bed Head Deep Waver would take care of your hair in a professional manner and would not cause any damage despite the price it comes.

9. Infiniti Pro by Conair Curl Secret

Infiniti Pro looks like a cute curling machine. You will need to just let your hair in and then VOILA!!! Beautiful curls come out. There is no requirement for adjustment, brushing or determining the size of curls all the process is done inside, and you will get beautiful curls in no time. It adds shine to the hair and saves them from heating damage that is usually a part of curling process. This curling machine also has safety sensor that ensures you have tangle free curls.

If you are looking for a curling device that would reduce all the complicated process of curling and deliver you just great results this is for you. There are two heat settings and 3 timer setting that allows you to select from tight, medium or loose curls. It is easy to use and with minimum efforts, you would have your curls set the way you want.

8. Hot Tools Professional 1110 Curling Iron with Multi-Heat Control, Mega 1-1/4″

If you are looking for a budget friendly curling iron that would give you healthy and bouncy curls you would surely love this. Hot Tools Professional 1110 curling iron is 1-1/4″ thick to give you voluminous curls. This is a good sturdy curling iron and would last long. It has got easy to hold grip that allows easy and better handling. Hot Tools Professional 1110 is also a long curling iron as compared to other curling irons. This makes it easy to hold and style hair by oneself without any difficulty. It heats up fast, and there is temperature control that allows users to adjust the heat level as required.

The soft grip and gold plated heating barrel look great, and they are perfect to handle. The on and Off switch as well as power light indicator assures you about the working of the iron.Overall, it is another professional style curling iron that is way easier to use and would burn a hole in your pocket. It is also a highly recommended product by professionals who like voluminous curls and waves.

7. InStyler Max 2-Way Rotating Iron

Curling hair leaves hair dry and rough. You may need additional serum or polishing to give that shine back to your hair before or after the process. Good quality curling irons take care of this drawback of the process and have a different setting to avoid rough, dry and damaged hair. If you are scared of the after-effects of regular curling and facing side-effects of regular curling, then Instyler Max is the right product for you. It is a 2-way rotating curling iron along with brush that softly polishes your hair while styling them.

You can create straight hair, defined curls and loose beach waves with this styler. It is an all-in-one product for your styling needs. Most of the curling rods cannot give you straight hair styles easily, but this one would mesmerize you with its results. It has a 2-way rotating curling iron that is easy to use and great for curling and straightening hair. If you are looking for a product that would easily cater all your styling needs, then this one is surely for you.

6. Remington CI9538 T|Studio Salon Collection Pearl Digital Ceramic Curling Wand

If you are looking for a quality no-nonsense curling iron that is easy on your budget, then Remington CI9538 would be an excellent choice. It is simple to use and creates salon-like curls in no time. It heats up in 30 seconds, so you do not have to wait for long to get your hair curled. The temperature controls are conveniently placed on the grip making it effortless to use. Also, there is a large digital display for clear and legible setting information.

It is simple and the barrel is of 1″ to 1 1/2 ” large giving you salon-like curls. The curling iron is not just pocket-friendly but also a durable product that would work great for long. The curling iron has its barrel made up of pearl ceramic technology which is the secret of its quality. It has swivel cord for extra ease of moving. If you are looking for a simple easy to use curling iron that would not ask you to invest a huge amount, then this is the one. It would prove its worth with every use. This is one of the best budget friendly curling iron out there in the market currently.

5. PROLISS 5P Curler Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Curling Iron Barrel

It is not necessary that you would like to have the same size of curls or waves every time you style your hair. But, your budget does not allow you to invest in different size of curling irons. This often happens when you are about to style your hair for any occasion. It feels like you had the same style of hair last time and fewer resources to try something new. But, there can be a good solution to this problem. You can invest in a curling iron that has five different size curling barrels in the same pack.

Proliss 5P curler is one of those great products that takes care of offering a variety in curl size in the same pack. It has 5 changeable curling rods that can be used easily as per your styling requirement. It heats up in less than a minute and gives you great curls and waves in no time. The tourmaline ceramic technology ensures there is no frizzy hair. It closes cuticles and gives shine to hair. The best part to have this curling iron set with you is you can try out a variety of hairstyles and be the showstopper of every occasion.

4. LEYLA MILANI Swarvoski Crystals Interchangeable Ceramic Curling Iron Tourmaline Infused Barrels-GLAM’D UP TRIPLE THREAT CURLING IRON

If you like to keep all your accessories and products maintain a class and are not sure if your curling iron would match to it or not then you are going to love Leyla Milani ceramic curling iron for sure. It comes along with three interchangeable tourmaline infused barrels of different sizes so that you can create different looks with the same elegant product. There are Swarovski crystals on the grip to add to the glamour of the curling iron.

It is very easy and quick to get curls and waves with this product. The curling iron would speak in itself about its class and quality. Also, you would find a lot of friends and acquaintances asking you about the product once you show them. The package includes a heat protection glove for easy styling and three curling irons with the main grip.

3. Sultra The Bombshell Rod Curling Iron

Sultra Bombshell Cone curling rod looks simple and has magnificent results for your hair. It is the right product for every hair type. The style that you get with Sultra Bombshell would stay fix all day long without any additional care. It comes along with a heat protection glove and iron pad for comfortable use. A lot of users have experienced glamorous results with the product and have recommended further.

The curling rod has a pattern made on it that keeps hair slipping off from it. This is a general problem with other curling irons you try to hold your hair but they slip off, and you may not get the desired shape of curls. This unique designing is what makes Sultra Bombshell a better product than all its competitors in the market.

2. Xtava 5-in-1 Satin Wave Curling Iron and Wand Set – Best Budget Friendly Curling Iron

If you want to create salon-like curls and waves at home, you would need a good curling iron with different size curling rods. This would not be enough the curler should be good enough to not to damage your hair and give you beautiful results in no time. Xtava 5-in-1 can be that ultimate product that you have been looking for. The makers have included a heat protection glove and thermal travel bag for travelers.

There are nine different heat settings to choose from and five different size curling irons for your best ever look. It promises to give you salon-like shine and curl results with all the curling rods. It is easy to change different rods for styling. The grip has temperature control and LED display for ease of access. This one of the great options to invest in for your hair curling needs. A lot of users have reviewed this product and are simply amazed by the quality of product and the result it is giving in return. It is a budget friendly five in one curling iron that would make you fall in love with the styles in creates.

1. The Beachwaver Co. Beachwaver S1 – Best Curling Iron 2019

Beachwaver S1 comes from a reputed brand and is one of the best curling iron in its segment. It is a safe and easy to use rotating curling iron. It is often observed that rotating iron are a mess to deal with and users avoid using them. On following, the simple instructions mentioned on the user manual one would not have any difficulty getting their desired waves and curls in no time. Beachwaver S1 has two-speed controls fast and slow rotation options for comfortable styling.

You can create glam waves, defined curls and loose beach waves with the help of this curling iron easily. Unlike other rotating iron that may damage your hair, this product is pretty easy to handle. If you are looking forward to deriving beautiful waves and curls with rotating curling iron, then this one is for you. Our recommendation is to go for this if you’re looking for quality & dependability in your curling iron!

Top 10 Best Air Fryer Ovens Reviews and Buying Guide [ Updated 2019 ]

Do you have an idea of what the best air fryer oven is? Truth is that more and more people are becoming more conscious and cautious about what they eat. Gone are the days when fatty and greasy food was the in thing. Nowadays, people still want to enjoy the same goodness and tantalizing taste but without putting their health at risk. This comes in an era where the number of cases related to unhealthy good has been rising. Obesity, overweight, high blood pressure, inactivity, laziness are just but a few of the concerns.

Best Air Fryer Oven in 2019

One of the proven and affordable solutions to avoiding greasy food is using an Air fryer oven. It enables you to still fry, roasts, bake, and grill the same foods but using little or no oil at all. The unit relies on advanced technology like infrared to heat the food. And since the appliance has a nonstick surface, you don’t need to use cooking oil. With more consumers switching to this appliance, manufacturers have been churning all kinds of air fryer ovens to match the demand. This means that finding a product is much easier. But which is the best? To answer this question, we looked and compared the popular items on the market.

Most Popular

Big Boss 16 Quart Oil-less Air Fryer


Product Dimensions: 16 x 14 x 13 inches

Item Weight: 14 pounds

Power Air Fryer Oven with 7 in 1 Cooking Features


Product Dimensions: 19 x 16 x 16 inches

Item Weight: 19.11 pounds

Philips HD9240/94 Avance XL Digital Airfryer (2.65lb/3.5qt)


Product Dimensions: 16.6 x 12.4 x 11.9 inches

Item Weight: 18.3 pounds

Cozyna SAF-32 Air Fryer Touchscreen (3.7QT)


Product Dimensions: 12 x 10 x 12.2 inches

Item Weight: 11 pounds

Secura Electric Extra Large Capacity Hot Air Fryer


Product Dimensions: 17.9 x 15 x 15 inches

Item Weight: 10.7 pounds

10. SARKI Air Fryer Oven

sarki air fryer oven

The 1700-watt appliance delivers good heating and uniformly distributes the heat. This ensures that the food not only cooks fast but also evenly to prevent hot spots or uncooked/raw sections. It uses 110V AC and boasts of a large clear window for quick and easy viewing.


  • Extra large capacity
  • Large visible window
  • Silent and smooth operation


  • Not for 220-240V AC power

9. SUPER DEAL Digital Deep Air Fryer Oven

SUPER DEAL Digital Deep Air Fryer Oven

The interior is smooth and nonstick to prevent food from sticking and also for easy cleanup. The cool-to-touch surface protects you from heat and also improves handling. It is also dishwasher safe and dries fairly fast. And for easier cleaning, you can remove some parts. The unit comes with a Cookbook and Recipes to give you ideas for your next meal.


  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • Works great
  • Simple to operate


  • The screws on the handle may become loose over time

8. Gourmia GTA1500 Digital Halogen Airfryer CookCenter

Gourmia GTA1500 Digital Halogen Airfryer CookCenter

It features a Led display for easy viewing of the set temperature and chosen preset whereas the wide temperature range supports by food types. The clear lid conserves the heat and safeguards the user from heat and steam. The internal light provides good illumination for you to see inside the unit. And as a bonus, the unit comes with a rotisserie spit, baking rack, frying tumbler, spit forks and lifting tongs.


  • Simple designs and easy to operate
  • Fast heating and good heat distribution
  • Works well and easy cleanup

7. Power Air Fryer Oven Elite

Power Air Fryer Oven Elite

The Elite 10 in 1 unit has a friendly display for easy operation and good heat retention to conserve the energy. The smooth and seamless design improves cleaning whereas the one-touch preset programs make selecting the right cooking function easy. You also don’t need to fear that the unit will overheat or waste energy in case you get a bit distracted. This is because it features an automatic shut-off.


    • One-touch preset programs
    • Clear easy-to-read display
  • Good design and works fast


  • It is not the most silent

6. Habor Air Fryer

Habor Air Fryer

And although it cooks quickly, it consumes minimal energy. The unit doesn’t require any oil and this ensures the food isn’t greasy or oily. Despite the absence of oil, the food will be soft and tender. It doesn’t produce any smoke and the heat penetrates deep inside the meal to make certain it’s well cooked. It has a detachable basket, a Cookbook for preparing different meals, a simple clean surface, and is also dishwasher safe.


  • Doesn’t produce smoke
  • No need for oil
  • Easy to operate
  • Energy efficient

5. Secura Electric Extra Large Capacity Hot Air Fryer 

Secura Electric Extra Large Capacity Hot Air Fryer 

The item has a smooth nonstick interior for easy cleanup and also prevents food from sticking. It can handle a good volume of food and cooks relatively fast in comparison to other pieces. The heat and power indicator lights improve functionality whereas the auto-shutoff notifies you when the cooking is complete.


  • Easy to use
  • Good size and design
  • Energy efficient


  • The instructions are not very detailed

4. Cozyna SAF-32 Air Fryer Touchscreen (3.7QT)

Cozyna SAF-32 Air Fryer Touchscreen (3.7QT)

It has a decent capacity of 3.7 quarts to handle everyday cooking requirements and heats up faster and more effectively in comparison to its rivals. The air fryer doesn’t basically what other normal types do and this includes baking frying, broiling, roasting, grilling and more. By conserving the heat and nutrients, you enjoy good flavor and aroma.


  • Energy efficient
  • High quality and good design
  • Easy to operate

3. Philips HD9240/94 Avance XL Digital Airfryer (2.65lb/3.5qt)

Philips HD9240/94 Avance XL Digital Airfryer (2.65lb/3.5qt)

It comes with Rapid Air Technology that recirculates the hot air fast for quick cooking. The technology also ensures the food is cooked properly. It can Air Fry, Bake, Broil, Warm, and Toast. It fits well in small spaces and the nonstick interior prevents sticking of food while the sleek and smooth finish enhances cleanup and easy maintenance. The air fryer is dishwasher safe and very trendy.


  • Looks amazing
  • Works great
  • Versatile and user-friendly

2. Power Air Fryer Oven with 7 in 1 Cooking Features

Power Air Fryer Oven with 7 in 1 Cooking Features

The 1700-watt unit delivers adequate power to cook through the food. It evenly distributes the heat to ensure the food cooks well both inside and outside. The 3 air flow racks help in food placement and also in the distribution of the hot air. And if you are concerned about rust or corrosion, then you’ll be happy to know that it’s mainly made of stainless steel parts.


  • Easy to operate
  • Good size
  • Works great

1. Big Boss 16 Quart Oil-less Air Fryer

Big Boss 16 Quart Oil-less Air Fryer, 1300 watt, Blue

The multipurpose cooking unit fries, bakes, grills, steams, broils, defrosts, and also BBQs. In all these, you don’t need to use oil since it relies on new generation air frying technology. The see thrush display allows you to see what’s happening inside whereas the glass lid cover preserves the heat and also protects you or any other user from the heat or steam.


  • Easy cleanup
  • Cooks fairly fast and well
  • Suitable for different cooking methods


  • Not for heavy-duty operations


There goes our summary of what we believe are the top air fryer ovens on the market. To rank and rate them, we looked at the most important aspects which include the capacity, size, energy efficiency, cleaning ease, reliability, build quality, cooking speed, display, power consumption, features, cooking quality, ease of use and price. We also went for items that are already popular in the market, receive many encouraging reviews, and are backed by many 4-5 star reviews.

Eating healthy doesn’t mean you have to completely ditch the fried foods. You don’t need to spend lots of money on a reliable unit or increase the cost of energy. With any of the above units, not only do you get a well cooked and healthy meal but will also conserve energy. Pick the best air fryer oven and enjoy healthy and tasty cooking.

Top 10 Best Balance Bikes for Kids in 2019 Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

As the kid grows, there are a number of things that will enhance their growth. For the kid to attain better balance, he/she will need the balance bike that has been designed to aid the kids in focusing on their balance. The balance bikes for kids have a lower center of gravity since they lack the pedals. Due to this, the kid will find it easier to balance and ride the bike. Moreover, the balance bikes are also lightweight, which makes them easier for the kid to use anywhere needed.

In case you need the best balance bikes for kids, there are a number of features to consider. For example, you need to look out for the design of the bike. The step-in design allows for easy in and out. Secondly, check out for the built, which needs to be constructed using the metallic frames for long-term use. The other considerations include the weight of the bike, adjustable seat and handlebars, type of tires, and the cost of the bike among others.

These are the top 10 best balance bikes for kids in 2019

10. MammyGol Training Balance Bike

MammyGol Training Balance Bike